Man ‘wins jackpot’ after wife hands him scratch card with heartwarming twist

A man who was handed a scratch card by his partner had no idea it had been personalised to brilliantly surprise him with some life-changing news.

TikTok user @Haylinic secretly filmed the heartwarming moment the pair sat down at the table to scratch off the cards, which usually contain cash prizes for those who get lucky.

Hayli’s partner uses a coin to uncover the images of three gold bars, as she asks: “What did you win?” and gives a knowing look at the camera.

He then begins to scratch away at the next section to reveal the prize, as he reads: “A… a baby? What?” in a confused tone.

But suddenly the penny drops as he looks to his partner screaming in excitement with his arms held wide open, leaving her in stitches of laughter before he grabs her for a hug.

His overjoyed reaction has melted the hearts of viewers as the clip racked up a staggering 3.8 million views and more than 770,000 likes.

The clip is captioned: “Telling my husband I’m pregnant. The moment he realises…”, as she added: “EVERY girl deserves a reaction like this.”

Hayli posted an update to say: “You know, it took him a minute to get there but he got there in the end”, before saying she had been undated with requests asking where she bought the scratch card.

She said she had picked them up on Amazon costing about £6 for a pack of six, meaning you can use the same trick when you reveal the news to friends and family too.

People loved the clip, as one commented to say: “That scream brought tears to my eyes.”

A second replied: “OMG STOP HE’S AMAZING!! Imagine showing this to your future kid one day and they see how excited you both were.”

A third said: “He won the jackpot.”

And another added: “If this isn’t my husband’s reaction we’re getting a divorce.”