Optical illusion house that ‘spins’ as you pass it leaves people baffled

An optical illusion house that appears to ‘spin’ as you drive past it is blowing people’s minds.

The house, which can be found in an open field near Bankstown Airport in Australia, looks like any other at first.

But when you drive past it, it’s anything but ordinary.

A woman who captured the creepy optical illusion on camera posted it to TikTok, writing: “This spinning optical illusion house always trips me out.”

In the clip, which has been viewed 1.6 million times on the social media platform, TikTok user @hazelann820 can be seen recording the house from the passenger seat of a car.

And as she does so, the house appears to rotate.

Since posting the video, it has received almost 245,000 likes and 1,400 comments from stunned viewers.

One person said: “Yes! gets me every time too. So crazy and whoever designed it/ made it [is] sooo clever!”

Another commented: “I would simply crash every time.”

“I bet it causes a few good accidents a year,” added a third.

“The [number] of times I had to watch this,” wrote another.

The house, known as ‘Camofleur’ or as the ‘iconic spinny house’ was created by Australian artist Regina Walters.

It is a re-creation of an airplane hangar designed to look like a 1940s house.

The concept was derived from the work of a number of different artists from the Sydney Camouflage Group who “used experimental camouflage design techniques and methods to disguise, decoy and deceive the attackers,” according to the @hiddensydney account on Instagram.