McDonald’s worker spills truth on the restaurant’s much-rumoured ‘secret menu’

Fans of McDonald’s are likely to have heard rumours about the restaurant’s ‘secret menu’ that have been circulating for years.

It includes off-menu items only known in the underground circles of Ronald McDonald’s biggest fans, including creations like the ‘Land, Sea and Air Burger’, which combines beef patties, breaded chicken and a Filet-O-Fish all into one bun.

Many intrigued customers have never been brave enough to order from the ‘secret menu’ through fear of being laughed out of the restaurant, but a former worker has now revealed the truth about it all.

Jack, who claims to have been a crew trainer at the fast food chain between 2015 and 2019, responded to a question on Quora from a fan who wanted to know once and for all if the secret items really existed.

He wrote to explain that, sadly, “there isn’t a set secret menu at McDonald’s” – but added that it shouldn’t stop you ordering one.

The former employee said: “You have the ability to customise almost anything on the menus.

“Thanks to social media, I have customers ask for crazy items such as the ‘Mega Mac’ or the ‘Land, Air and Sea burger.

“This isn’t on our menu nor are we trained to create these orders. I usually ask the customer what the item consists of and what they would like to add. I usually remember these items for the next person that asks.”

He advised: “Mixing McCafe items with standard McDonald’s items are the way to go to get the best secret menu items.”

Other people who claim to have also worked at the chain backed up Jack’s insider knowledge, as one wrote: “There’s no official secret menu, but most McDonald’s employees know about the variations considered to be the secret menu.

“For example, if you order a Monster Mac, the employee will probably know what you mean.”

And another added: “Officially, it doesn’t exist. These items (Land sea & air burger etc) aren’t listed as for sale on the menu boards.

“But there are two possibilities: 1) the worker taking your order is familiar with the stories of these items and/or has taken orders for them before, or 2) The worker won’t know what you’re talking about, but you can explain it to them and the store will sometimes make the item as requested.”